Business to Business Partnership Opportunities

There are several types of business to business partnerships that a business owner may pursue in order to improve their business. The main objective behind most business relationships is to find new customer leads and convert them into increased sales and revenue for both participating companies.

Consider these four primary types of business to business partnerships in order to achieve the goal of increased sales and revenue including: suppliers, customers, resellers or companies with significant existing sales channels and/or vendors.

Each type of partnership has its own unique set of advantages and challenges for successfully implementing and maintaining, therefore it’s important to evaluate each type to understand which is in your best interest to pursue.


Creating business relationships with suppliers usually makes great financial sense and can lead to unique business opportunities. Many suppliers are in a very competitive environment and constantly have to find new channels to sell their products.

As a rule suppliers will be willing to give a business partner special pricing, expedited customer service and business referrals when opportunities that are out of their scope present themselves. However; there are some disadvantages with aligning too closely with a single supplier.

It is recommended that you keep your supplier partnership agreements as open and flexible as possible to allow multiple partnerships to exist in the same space thus avoiding price spikes or product unavailability due to unforeseen partner problems.


The best types of business referrals come from existing customers. Provide a revenue share or special pricing for customers that are able to deliver leads that turn into new clients. Developing an incentive program for customers that make referrals is a win-win situation. Often a simple discount can keep your business at the forefront of the customer’s mind when their meeting with someone that fits your target market.

Resellers or Agents

Many businesses that have large databases of potential customers will actively sell a product through their sales channels for a fee and/or a revenue share. Building partnerships with resellers can quickly grow a company’s ability to reach out to the market. Resellers will invest time and resources to market their partner’s products and put their sales force to work selling the product. Small businesses with limited staff to actively sell can benefit greatly from these types of partnership deals.


Finding other vendors that sell a complementing product is the right partnership solution for a company that by itself has a product that is not the full solution that a customer is looking to purchase. An example is a computer hardware manufacturer partnering with a company that makes software to do unique tasks that a customer needs.

As a business owner seeking additional deal flow, it is important to evaluate all of the business to business partnerships that are possible for your company. Regardless of whether the focus is on vendors, resellers, suppliers, or existing customersFree Web Content, if properly executed business to business partnerships are one of the best strategies for business growth.


Why your business could profit from portable workspace

Who can blame you given that a portable building is not a mainstream subject. We implore you to see that this is simply not the case in 2011. One can certainly argue that the industry itself has had close ties with building firms. Really, no one in the industry should feel responsible for this as

This probably could have been the truth 20 years ago, but in 2011 they have multiple uses. In this new article we uncover a selection of the most frequent uses for portable buildings.

The first thing to note is that not all temporary buildings are precisely the same thing. This normally because most of the workers in Britain wrongly think all portable cabins are the same. This is untrue because these brand of building can be sorted in different categories.


So whilst generically they are recognised as mobile buildings in reality there are plenty of varying ones. Only an experienced professional in this area would discern the difference between each building. One accusation which has been leveled at temp structures is that these types of structure are boring, dull or irrelevant.

Modular buildings

There are many uses for modular buildings, some of which you might not have heard of. The plethora of industries that use these buildings include those in the voluntary and commercial sector. It must be said that the property developers use these more than most.

Therefore it is quite right to argue that there is almost no company in the land that cannot enjoy the rewards of buying modular buildings. There are loads of benefits including…. scalability, cost efficient and flexible. We wager that once you get one, constructed, you will unearth a load more.

An associated point to note is that portable workspace buildings are not very risky in any instances. This primarily due to the point that you can do one when you feel like it. Compare this situation with a business that has just agreed to a commercial real estate agreement. Once this comparison is complete you can blatantly see why these structures offer outstanding value for money when balanced against the cost of a real building.


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The primary matter you will have to decide is whether to buy or rent a portable building. This would hinge upon ones own monetary standing as well as the time frame you required the buildings for. Hiring one of these structures is often the most viable option for a business. Another thing worth saying when choosing these options is that you can hire a used or new mobile building.

Notwithstanding this, purchasing one may make more sense in the grand scheme of things, if you hang onto your building. Now you have the facts at hand you should be able to pick the correct building to suit your needs.