Garuda Group Nepal Introduction

Garuda Group is a small scale company started in the year 2016 after devastating 8.7 mg earthquake struck Nepal in the year 2015 to heal the nation with timely re -build various structures of the Nation. Mainly we started to work of civil construction works in various part of Nepal but now we are one step ahead with Manufacturing of garments, running a travel agency, a beauty salon and a fashion showroom in the making. We are four (4) brothers consisting of various experiences inside the country and abroad in the Europe and Middle east for several years. Our motto is to provide quality product and services in reasonable costing. We welcome all your input and feedback along with any inquiry for civil works, design and production of various garments, tour plan inside and out of Nepal and any-other requirements you may have. Our full details of each individual companies to be found on the links provided above.

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